Fancy F***ing

There’s a joke that my boss told me today that goes like this: 3 french brothers walking down the avenue stop in front of a window they hear moans and shouting coming from. The youngest boy who’s about 5 steals a peek through the window and says, “they’re fighting”. The midle boy who’s about 10 says, “no, they’re doing it!”. The oldest brother interjects, “yeah… badly.”

As badly as I probably butchered that joke, the relevance is – some people will look at a design and butcher it, not fully understanding the intricacies or intentions of it. Such is the case with the majority of automotive clients. I swear that I actually had a client tell me to make a digital billboard for him, “as boring as possible”. It took every ounce of composure I had to not throw in my two weeks notice right there on the spot.
No one gets into the design business to produce “boring” work. Having to intentionally
scale back the creativity of a piece because the client asks is one of the toughest lumps you have to swallow in the agency business. But you learn from it, and figure out which clients you can push the envelope with and the ones where it would be nothing but wasted time.


That all being said, above is a glimpse at the interior of a brochure created with a bit of that web 2.0 flair. The look is intentional. This piece is to sell customer relation management tools to automotive dealers, focusing on the email and e-newsletter functionality of the software that most of these users have but don’t know how to use. Going back to automotive dealers, most are completely computer illiterate – hence the brochure to present a web-based technology.

CWCRM Gloss 2


~ by tracksix on August 8, 2007.

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