Spitfire & Fighting4Dreams

spitfire spread

An opportunity came by last week that I’m pretty excited about.  I was contacted by Jim from Deluxe Distribution, who asked me to put together an ad for Spitfire Wheels. It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten to do anything skate related and I was incredibly happy to take a shot at it. I was given the photograph (which I tweaked a bit), the fire elements and the headline and sub-head. I sent back the double-page spread ad above and another couple of thumbnails.

All of the research I did on the current state of the skate industry and the perusing of every skate, wake, surf, bmx magazine I could get my hands made me pretty nostalgic of my past skating days and moreso has motivated me to get my name out there in the action-sports industry and get back to designing for companies that I care about and personally relate to.

Secondly, while I was taking a look at the Deluxe website I stumbled upon this event that I’ll be heading over to check out tomorrow in the city. It’s amazing that so many of the artists I look up to are going to be showing in one place. Definitely can’t wait until tomorrow for this.

F4D art show SF


~ by tracksix on September 6, 2007.

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