Fox = Innovation

Fox 2008 online Catalog

I get Fox emails all the time because my buddy used to work for corporate, not because I love motocross. They all look amazing, but the email I got today pretty much blew me away. Or should I say what the email linked to.
The online catalog is of superior quality. This little online feature is a real breakthrough in the way companies present their products to their buyers. I’m sure this flash-based catalog wasn’t a cheap build, but compared to the cost of printing thousands of catalogs and postage to send them out, etc. this seems like money well invested.

One of the coolest parts about it is the sticky note feature. How intelligent. I’ll take one of these, and 20 of those and… It’s like when my girlfriend gets a Victoria Secret catalog in the mail (which is bi-daily lately, those folks are seriously clearing entire forests on their own with the amount of catalogs they send out) she immediately takes a black sharpie and circles everything on her wish list.

User experience here is key and worked in seamlessly amid a truly elegant catalog design.


~ by tracksix on September 19, 2007.

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