I forgot to post these pictures last week – That’s Nate up there screaming at the top of his lungs. Bleachers beware, the arcade is the place to sit.

Have you ever been heckled by a group of fans so badly that the usher made you come take your sign down? Well I haven’t, but a couple of Reds fans seated in the bleacher section below us do now. I mean comparing Bonds to Pete Rose… the man wasn’t even in the game.

Giants Game

Allison, Casey, Schmidty, me – There’s no such thing as summer in San Francisco.

Getting cozy with a Reds fan

After a few drinks and right before security told me that this wasn’t my seat. Apparently heckling across the outfield bleachers is all good, but parking next to the guy 3 rows behind you… not cool.

Bart tarin home

There was a good picture from Gordon Biersch somewhere that I can’t find, but we all had enormous steins of the darkest of lager and it was poorly lit. Imagine. Then of course the BART train home. I hate camera phones, but without them this half-assed story wouldn’t have been nearly as engaging.


~ by tracksix on October 2, 2007.

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