Maxx in skate.

Maxx Board in skate.

picnic table gap over wall – hardflip sporting the Maxx 242 REAL deck

skate. is by far and away the most badass game I’ve played in years. The life-like quality of the whole game, physics and goals. etc. make skating on xbox pretty damn similar to skating in real life. There’s the frustration level of not connecting with a rail just right or not landing your 360 flip out of a tail slide helluv clean… Oh and the gear. My skater’s sporting my same Osiris shoes, legit clothes and last but not least, a Maxx 242 REAL deck! How right on is that!?

And it’s super badass that I can share shit that I’ve done in the game via folks playing the game, or the web – hence the screenshot above. The only thing cooler than landing a sweet ass trick is showing it off on film afterwards.

I can’t find a direct link, but you can see more stuff that I’ve saved and other people have uploaded if you go to – my gamertag is “inyourwake”, you can search for me there somewhere or just watch cool clips that are up there.


~ by tracksix on October 10, 2007.

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