Track 6 Wallpaper


Would you believe how difficult it is to find a wallpaper for this big ass iMac monitor? Apparently not too many folks out theretake the massive 1920×1200 resolution into consideration when creating wallpapers for the masses. Since I was sick of looking at the beautiful Jessica Alba surrounded by lots of black space, I decided to just make my own wallpaper.

I’m making it available for download here so if anyone else is having trouble finding a nice 1920×1200 desktop wallpaper and like swords and shameless self promotion – you’re more than welcome to it. I’ve created a colorful version and a more subdue, more neutral version that’s a bit easier on the eyes. I haven’t tried, but I imagine they should work just fine on wide-screen monitors with a lesser resolution, just scaled to fit the screen. If anyone gives it a try and it looks alright, please let me know.

T6Wallpaper_swords-1920×1200 Color 1920×1200
T6Wallpaper_subtle-1920×1200 Subtler 1920×1200

~ by tracksix on October 10, 2007.

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