Skull In Progress

Skull in progress

Here’s a quick peek at a skull illustration that’s currently in the works as part of a 1-color design for screen-printing. This is the first skull I’ve gotten to draw in a while and the opportunity makes me incredibly happy. Everyone loves to draw skulls! I’m probably going to do a couple versions adding varying degrees of background elements. I’ll be sure to post the final version and possibly some of the other designs I try out.


~ by tracksix on October 22, 2007.

11 Responses to “Skull In Progress”

  1. love ur skull u think u can make more ?

  2. I s’pose I certainly could. Anyone that likes this one can buy it for a couple of bucks over at iStockphoto. Just follow the link over there on the right.

  3. hey i love that skull!
    i would like to use it for some logos and shirt designs for my clothing company if that is possible!

  4. That would be awesome dude. You most certainly can.

    It’s available for sale over at iStockphoto for only $10. Though if you’re gonna be using it for a clothing line you may want to check on the extended license requirements for it. I think it may be like 30 or 50 depending on the usage.

    If you don’t already have an iStockphoto account you can easily sign up for one and by following that link you’ll get 3 bucks off which is kinda cool.

    It’d be cool to see what you wind up using it on. Hit me with an email if you go ahead and use it and let me know!

  5. Sick dude. This skull is so rad. I hope you don’t mind if I use it to put on a skateboard.

  6. […] Also, I see another fellow blogger into the skull themes and has designed this great skull, to see more please visit his blog: Track 6 Designs […]

  7. hey man im jus designin a tattoo for a mate n come up with a great sketch based on this if he likes it how would i come across makin it legal?
    i can show u the drawing i did if you want.


    PS please reply via my email,thanks

  8. ok im a graffic designer trying to learn how to illustrate like this
    where o you recommend i start or where do you start (i can use illustrator but how do you get the lines so sharp and even) do you just go strait in with the pen tool ?

  9. wow dis is a great skull drawing ive eva seen.. is dis a hand drawing or using illustrator??

  10. hi,

    i would like to ask for a copy of this skull design, let me know please-

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