Portfolio Updates

Calibrated portfolio piece

Lady Luck portfolio piece

021 Portfolio Piece

T designs

Portfolio Piece - Tha Hood

I had an interview with a recruiting firm today that places designers (and many other professions) into the action sports, entertainment, fashion industries, etc. I’ve been in my new place down here in Hermosa Beach for about a week no. Finally got internet and an office phone hooked up and therefore I can finally update this here blog once again.

Back to the point… that interview made me realize that my portfolio was drastically out of date and needed a major redesign. I’ve decided to share a couple pieces from the updated portfolio with you all.

I’ve just lined up a couple of really cool projects that I’m really looking forward to. You can look forward to seeing some of that new artwork and maybe even some shots of my new digs (if I ever go outside and remember to bring my camera with me) in the near future.


~ by tracksix on November 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Portfolio Updates”

  1. Damn, the bar raises once again.

  2. nice fantastic stuff!

  3. Solid work, dude!

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