New Place & New Ride

New Place

I promised to post some pics of the new place and I think I mentioned my new car before, but if not – I’m the proud new owner of a murdered out Tc. Well, it’ll be more murder-y once I black out the windows and strip off the front plate… but still pretty badass.

New Ride

I’m really digging the new spot. A short walk to the beach and about 50 mexican food places. I’m still in search of the perfect breakfast burrito though.

I’ll post inside pics as soon as I finish my “office”.


~ by tracksix on December 11, 2007.

One Response to “New Place & New Ride”

  1. You totally need to do something about that wheel well gap… it looks hideous. I’d also suggest getting the tail lights from an 05’ish tC… before they turned them in to altezzas basically, and then tinting those. Taking care of those two things would make that car look 100% hot.

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