Good Times… Unless You’re A Guinea Pig

So today happens to be my birthday… which I’m sort of ignoring, but still was kind of nice. Talked to some people I haven’t heard from in a while and got a prospective new project that sounds like a good, fun one. So that all made it a pretty good day if you’re me or one of my pet guinea pigs… they got a big old salad this morning for breakfast. YES I have guinea pigs as pets. It’s kind of ridiculous, but they’re kinda cool in their own right. And since I’ve moved, I have the perfect place for a dog and a pretty good situation for one, so I’m working on finding the right one to adopt. But back to the point… here’s some pictures of my little pig friends:


And that brings me to yesterday’s events… I did a little (grueling) work on a Travel Channel Promo shoot for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern – you know, the one where he travels around the world putting things in his mouth that our mothers yelled at us and slapped our hands for when we were little tykes. Are you making the connection yet? What was one of the main courses for the promo?


The set was in Downtown LA and while I, as well as many of the passersby that saw the street vendor cart with fried guinea pigs on sticks, were fairly disgusted… I do have to say that seeing the sun rise over the tallest buildings in LA was an awesome sight and the whole thing was kinda cool.


~ by tracksix on January 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Good Times… Unless You’re A Guinea Pig”

  1. I saw the ad in Sports Illustrated and National Geographic Traveler– Nice shot, though can’t help feeling sorry for the little guinea pigs. Must of been hard for you, being a guinea pig owner. I noticed that in the Traveler ad, the words “GUINEA PIGS” were on the vendor’s umbrella in large red letters, but on the SI ad, there were no words on the umbrella. So I’m curious: were the words on the umbrella in the shoot, or were they photoshopped on afterwards?

  2. The words were up on the umbrella. Which was funny because as everyone walked by, people inevitably asked if that guy was eating fried rats.

    It’d be great to see those ads. I haven’t had a chance to see one in print. Any idea where I can catch a peek, online maybe?

  3. Yes, the March 3 issue of Sports Illustrated, inside back cover. Also National Geo Traveler, March issue.

  4. i feel so sorry for the guinea pig its just so cruel
    i have two guinea pigs an i raelly love them as pets only i wound’tn dream of eating them. melissa

  5. u are sick and foul!!!! I hate that “hot guinea pig” picture! its a disgust!

  6. That’s funny… Maybe Tess has as tough of a time with English as she does with grammar – Seeing as how the whole point of this post was to differentiate the guinea pigs I have as pets from the ones that are being skewered.
    That photo is kinda graphic – but hey, don’t blame me, take your frustration out on the Bizarre Foods guy.. or anyone in Peru for that matter – they’re the ones that eat these little guys!

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