Out For Some Fresh Air And Some Trend Research

000_0139.JPG, originally uploaded by track6.

This nice thing about living in sunny southern California is that while it may be mid January, t-shirts and sandals never go out of style here. I decided to go for a walk and bring my camera to all of the local surf shops (which in northern California and elsewhere would be skate shops) that are within walking distance.


I grabbed a bunch of texture shots that I’ll later use to create some gnarly looking vector textures and some shots of cool patterns or prints or anything that caught my eye. Also, since I’ve lived here for almost 3 months now I figured I’d take snap some quick pics of the area I live in. This top one’s the Hermosa Beach Pier. Lots of shops and some eateries on the right and a whole lotta bars on the left.

Pier Ave.

Giant OBEY graphic in the window of Powerline 6, a high-end apparel and art kinda store. Really cool stuff in here that I wish I could afford right now, specifically a bunch of Upper Playground books and Ts including some by Usugrow and some really neat stuff by Jeremy Fish. There’s also a ton of OBEY gear and art and even a Fuji fixed gear bike with OBEY graphics. If you’re ever down this way and have a ton of money to spend on really cool, unique gear – get it here.

Spotted this cool repeat graphic in Becker surf shop. I’ve been really into repeat patterns lately and the way this one uses a ton of color really caught my eye.

And that’s the top of my street. That pretty much end my walking tour of Hermosa Beach. I think I’ll make this a regular habit, but more design and trend photos, less scenery.


~ by tracksix on January 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Out For Some Fresh Air And Some Trend Research”

  1. Yeah, I clicked to read the entire article hoping to catch some pics of what you shoot for your “arsenal” of work (the textures and what not). I’m just curious about how other designers do this. I find myself taking snapshots of things like old chewing gum on sidewalks, and grimy curbs, etc…

  2. Yep. That’s the next tutorial I’m working on – Converting your everyday surroundings into vector textures!

  3. Looking forward to it. I know how I make mine, but it’s always interesting to see how others do it.

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