The Force Unleashed

There’s a good chance that sometime in the not so distant future I’ll be taking a week or so off to fully dedicate my attention to Lucasart’s next big thing. Anyone that knows me knows how much I’m infatuated with Star Wars. Hey, when your parents use a VHS tape of episode IV as your baby sitter during your early years you get a little attached to the franchise, ya know. The new console based video game: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, looks all too promising and reading some of the articles and watching some of the demo footage definitely begs the question, “will this be the best Star Wars game of all time?”

Considering that some of the more recent console releases were mediocre at best, I’ve had high expectations that Lucas would (or should) pull out all the stops if there’s to be any further sequels to the Star Wars video game franchise, and it looks like they’ve chosen not to disappoint fans this time around. With no Hollywood blockbuster to piggy back sales of a new title, this game will have to stand on its own merit and stand if not float it does.

Click on the image to jump to the videos page on IGN where you can see some of the amazing demo footage and hear an interview with the Project lead who discusses the various game engines used to create SW:TFU.

Stupid IGN won’t let me embed the video right here…and you’ll have to suffer through a couple of esurance commercials before you get to the goods. Sorry.

I could go on and on describing all of the cool technologies that went into creating the game and why I think my professional career will come to a screaming halt once it’s released, but in the end it’d make a lot more sense for you just to watch the videos for yourself. May the force be with you.


~ by tracksix on February 1, 2008.

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