New In Flames Album Art – Like It Or Hate It?

So In Flames announced their track listing and album artwork for their upcoming album, A Sense Of Purpose, a couple days ago. The artwork was done by Alex Pardee, who I’m pretty sure is from SF and is friends with some GURP City fellows which makes him OK in my book.

There has been a lot of positive and negative feedback so far around the blog world and various forums. I have some definite opinions, mostly negative, but a few kudos as well – however I’m much more interested in hearing what you folks think.

So leave a comment. Tell me and all the other folks reading this blog what your opinion on this bright, colorful twist to the legacy of In Flames album art. Too cliche? A welcome turn for the sunny side? Let’s hear it.


~ by tracksix on February 4, 2008.

6 Responses to “New In Flames Album Art – Like It Or Hate It?”

  1. Not really my thing, but I love that the Jester Head is finally back on a cover!

  2. I think it’s amazing, and it really reflects the sound of the album. It reminds me of Where The Wild Things Are.

  3. I thinks its ******* Great it really does reflect the Suond of the album 😀

  4. I like it. It seemed to me to have the look of a Pink Floyd cover at first.. very nicely done, and I liked the oldschool ‘LP’ look that it portrays…It blows away a lot of covers these days that look like first-year photoshop projects done by a mediocre graphic designer.

  5. First thoughts – Is this designed by the guy that’s doing the Scion Commercials? Followed by definite nod to “where the wild things are” and a old cartoon movie called “cool world”

  6. Strangely, this peace seems to make a bit more sense than Alex Pardee’s other works of art.

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