**Freebie** – Illustrator Brushes

Free Illustrator Brushes - LineartI’ve mentioned before that I wanted to make some of my more useful brushes available to anyone that’s interested in experimenting with Illustrator brushes and here they are. This is a set of pretty simple lineart brushes that I use often.

Download these brushes here:

Ai CS2/3 users click here.
Anyone using previous versions of Illustrator please click here.

To start using them, copy the .AI file into the Illustrator>Presets>Brushes and then click the flyout menu of the brushes panel end then click on Open Brush Library and select it from the flyout.


The use your new brushes to start making some cool art like this.

portrait_brushes2.pngSkull in progressjustice sword detail

~ by tracksix on February 6, 2008.

11 Responses to “**Freebie** – Illustrator Brushes”

  1. I experimented with brushes years ago. I’m getting interested in using them again. I had the first guest tutorial over at AiBURN and its on making ai brushes. I downloaded these that you made and I’ll play around with them. Thanks.

  2. i’ts good

  3. These helped me alot thanx!!!!

  4. Thanks pal, these are awesome !
    By the way, ive come here since i seen your work on istock, and hell you got styme !

  5. Thanks a lot, working toward that level of professional design. Thanks again.

  6. Hey I just wanted to say thanks, I’ve been using a few brushes that I’ve made a while back and had a few other ideas last night to try out, but I’m looking forward to trying #5, along with 8,9,&10. Though I still think it’s important for people here to remember to make their own brushes and experiment. Try to visualize how the brush will work and look before using em, that way you can do it in reverse when you need something for a project and it’s just not looking right…

  7. Thanks for sharing



  8. I’m late to the game, but thanks for posting these!

  9. Hey there.. Just wanted to say THANKS.. I thought i did, but apparently I did NOT.. and I also THOUGHT i sent a trackback here.. But I created a quick little illustrator tutorial using your brushes.. Hope you dont mind.

    heres the site:

  10. buenos cepillos

  11. proof that all good things are free

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