Andy’s Kinda The Man…dy

Andy HolidgeI hadn’t talked to my buddy Andy Holidge for a looooong time – like since back in college long when one of my other friends sent me this shot. He just designed those skis there for … I forgot the dude’s name… (forgive me, I don’t know skiing.) It’s cool to see skiing as a sport target a more youthful audience. Andy’s the man when it comes to snowboarding and drawing. Now that we’re sort of back in touch I’m looking forward to the day we get to work on a collaborative project together.

From what I can tell, that definitely looks like Surf Expo (or at least the floor and name tags do), which I was not able to make it to this Jan. and I’m kinda bummed about. Be there next sept. for sure though.

In other “news”, I’m about midway through a pretty cool avatar illustration project and just did some top secret work for an agency out here in Santa Monica. I can’t show anything yet, but I’ll try to post a discreet screen shot once it’s cool.


~ by tracksix on February 8, 2008.

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