Calibrated Boards In Wakeboarding Mag

Calibrated Wakesurfers in WBM

wakeboarding mag 3.08

I just received a couple copies of this year’s Wakeboarding Magazine Board Buyer’s Guide edition in the mail today (Thank you Jason). I’m pretty pleased to see Calibrated taking center stage. I really wish the Chmel and the Lovett were shot with decking, but amongst all of these other boards, I’m just happy to see those graphics really stand out.

The 09 product will feature new, even fresher graphics – some of which I’ll be creating and other I’ll be looking for a couple of artists for. If you’re up for an art project and you know some of the ins and outs of the printing process, send me a link to some portfolio pieces at I’m looking for some folks that are willing to take it out to the edge and maybe even kick it over.

~ by tracksix on March 5, 2008.

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