Ed Hardy

Ed hardy collage

Just when I was trying to slow down a bit after a steady month or two of heavy workload I got a call from Ed Hardy. The brand is iconic and working on a bit of it would be a pretty awesome gig. I have tremendous respect for Don Ed Hardy (the artist) for being a forerunner in the Americana tattoo culture and his venture into publication, but like many others I have serious reservations about what celebrities like Madonna and 50 Cent wearing over-glamorized Ed Hardy (by Christian Audigier) threads is doing to the very culture the original art is born from.

Aside from my moral dilemma, I’m pretty excited to see where this venture heads. A major upside to designing for a fashion oriented client like this is that you get to use all of the really cool printing techniques that most brands either can’t afford or use very sparingly. Pretty sure I’ll be having some fun with this one.

~ by tracksix on March 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “Ed Hardy”

  1. I really love Ed hardy tattoos and more after i see amazing tattos on T-shirt

  2. I weep for your moral dilema, still I guess the nature of the “Sell out” beast was too great, HUH? Ehh its cool, I guess Ed hardy and Christian Audiegier can continue to rape the very essence of what this art form is. There are those of us out here that are true till death, that know and appreciate what real vintage tattoo art is all about. We will continue to fight that moral fight when weaklings like you are unable to.

  3. Thats a truly commendable point of view you got there. I’m glad that there are people like you out there fighting the good fight. I on the other hand firmlybelieve that christian audigier is a douchebag capitalizing on the stupidity of the mass market and while he’s belittling the work of a great, he’s also brought majors social acceptance to tattoo artwork as an artform.

    I’d also note that I’ve been offered a “design” position there twice and have turned it down both times. For moral and career objective reasons.

  4. My father was a tattoo artist and he was truly gifted he has a old locker chest full of the most amazing flash, all of which he hand drew, and while some of it was definitely old school style by todays standards it had it’s own nuances and styling that made it stand apart. Of course when a true artist touches something this is usually the case. And yet when I look out at the pieces being run off from Ed Hardy, Sailer Jerry and the likes I can’t help but wonder what my father would think. Especially seeing the types of people that wear this stuff. He passed away in 1990 long before the whole tribal barb wire look in the late 90’s and while it saddens me I can’t help but think he would cringe at some of the shit that’s being passed off and worn today. I for one think it is better to turn down a position working for these guys. Why would you want to link yourself to some flash in the pan no talent company? In a few years everyone will be off onto the next fad and what would an artist have to show for it? Some half assed mediocre art that was designed to please a fashion designer wanna be bad ass. Nah, you did the right decision. Your work will only get better as a result.

  5. i work for them. and sadly in the beginning i was hoping to be a part of something truly special bc i recognize the art behind ed hardy’s tattoos. but now over several years, trust me even us looking out understand how christian has completely whored out the name. fyi i’m ready to jump ship.

  6. this is a cool design.

  7. I model for ed hardy… i wore ur designed the other day… LOVED IT!!! 🙂

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