GLOBE – The Puzzle Series Ad

Track 6 has worked out a nice deal with GLOBE, the details of which I may disclose at a later date. Let’s just say that you’re gonna bee seeing a lot of work bearing the GLOBE brand on it in the future. Like this new ad I just developed for the limited edition “Puzzle Series” shoes that’ll be appearing in Sneaker Freaker mag.

Pretty excited about how clean this ad is and how it’s helping to reshape the brand and take it in a direction it hasn’t really gone before. More to come.

~ by tracksix on April 5, 2008.

5 Responses to “GLOBE – The Puzzle Series Ad”

  1. Excellent ad in my opinion, but prefer Duncombe’s pro model.. Can you tell me “Rodney” and “Mullen” fonts name? Thought Whyte House did all the ad/web work for Globe till now.

  2. Thanks.

    “Rodney” is ITC Avante Garde. “Mullen” is done in Globe’s corporate font – so you won’t find it floating around out there (but I’ll give you a hint.. it’s based on “KLAVEN”)

    Did a Duncombe version of this ad too. It ran in AUS’s Monster Children and I think maybe in Thrasher or TW, can’t remember. Everyone loved that shoe so much that even though these limited edition Encores are no longer in production, they brought it back in the regular Encore line for next year. Don’t tell them I said so though..

  3. Haha, thank you so much, found both fonts, Klaven was hard to find at first, will work on them tomorrow. Didn’t know there will be an Encore line soon, new models as well or just some of the most wanted Puzzle 2 Limited Edition? Would like to keep a good quality version of the Duncombe’s version ad, just got a pair myself :). Thank you again if so..

  4. i have those same shoes! they are so sick! i love em. i got them at winners!

  5. i have 0ne 0f gl0be puzzle series.., i L)ve it i h0pe i g0t an0ther 0ne.., by the way im 0ne 0f the 0rganizer 0f CARMONA SKATE CREW..!

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