PBoRange – Beer for Breakfast


I know you’ve all thought it before… “it’s 9am, I’m enjoying a wonderful home-cooked breakfast
and damn… a beer sounds so good, but drinking before at least noon sorta makes me (look like) an alcoholic, doesn’t it?”

Well, the answer is no. I’ve got your perfect solution. While everyone else is fancypantsing it around drinking their mimosas, you be the one that says, “Dammit, beer mixes with orange juice just as well if not better than champage. Pfft… champagne… this shit won a blue ribbon!” Then pour that golden PBR (pronounced Peeber, at least according to me…) into your favorite pint glass and top it off with a splash of OJ for christ’s sake. I mean really, you’re not in college anymore – you don’t want people thinking you’re an alcoholic.

Moral of the story is:

Schwarzenegger gives the PBoRange a big Thumbs Up!

~ by tracksix on April 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “PBoRange – Beer for Breakfast”

  1. God damn it this is a great idea. I hate feeling like an alcoholic and need as many ways to disguise my beer fetish as possible. PBR and OJ, absolute genius. Stay tuned for my feedback, but conceptually this is as good as the wheel. Sliced bread even. Better than Guitar Hero. Etc…

  2. […] The most ironic part of that to me is that I don’t enjoy wine in the least. I’m definitely a beer guy. No doubt about that. All the same, looking forward to this new one as it’s an Arizona-based […]

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