This Saturday was truly a landmark event in my life. Went to see Iron Maiden at the Irvine Spectrum with a big group of friends and a lot of food and beer. We rented a 16-person pass-van and brought a pair of BBQs, arrived at the parking lot about 6 hours before the show and got a little bit warmed up to say the least.

The picture above features a dude named Matt who has massive lambchop sideburns and a love for Maiden that is unmatched. The show was fucking rad – I’ve never been to a massive show like this where 15,000 people stood the entire set and belted out every lyric right along with the band. Highlights of the evening included some sort of fire up in the lawn area with a circle pit surrounding it, Bruce running around on stage like a madman half his age, a couple of enormous Eddie’s cruising around on stage battling with band members, and a 9-minute smoke laden, light littered Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Epic. Thanks to Geoff and Lindsey for coordinating this masterpiece and Matt for taking these pictures and my brother Dan for driving to and from, and Vinny for trying to take on a bunch of 18 year olds, Geno for bullshitting about GLOBE now and back in the day, Dave Corey for belting out a stunning rendition of Rime in the van (evil laugh included), and everyone else for singing at the top of your lungs with me and making that event one to remember.


~ by tracksix on June 1, 2008.

One Response to “MAIDEN!!!”

  1. Dude, I saw them Sunday night in MSG, here in NYC. Been waiting to see them play all my life. It was a fuckin amazing show, well worth it. Just wished they played more off the Killers album.

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