Sabaton Ad Pitch

Here’s an ad pitch I did for a limited edition shoe for GLOBE that is slated to land in SNKR FRKR magazine. The ad has some minor touch ups to go, but it sounds like it going to make it to print, which is always encouraging.

On a secondary note, this photo shoot with Chris Haslam and Sieya (spelling?… ya know, the guy who shoots a ton of shit for Transworld) was pretty fun. Consisted of throwing shoes back and forth with Chris and trying to come up with goofy poses. Got some damn funny outtakes, including one of the shoe spinning in mid air and Chris looking like he’s about to eat it. Globe being a very mature skate company however… I knew right away that kind of shot just wasn’t gonna fly.


~ by tracksix on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Sabaton Ad Pitch”

  1. Where can I get the new Ltd. Sabatons! I just got the march issue of Thrasher magazine and fell in love, these shoes have amazing graphics and I need some new skate shoes. Normally I wear Fallens but I have decided to try something new. Please tell me any info you have on them, I will be eternally grateful!
    Thank you from a fellow skater,

  2. where can i buy these globe neo snakeskin Sabaton Skate Shoe ?

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