Vector Freebie – CHAINxCORE

If you have any interest in playing with, dissecting or using this heavy-duty chainlink Ai pattern brush – go for it. Enjoy!

Ai CS3 Users – download

Previous Ai users – download

~ by tracksix on July 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Vector Freebie – CHAINxCORE”

  1. Thanks, per the GLOBE post – are you saying you use the chainlink to create each letter? Just wondered. Thanks.

  2. its always nice to get freebies. thanks.

  3. […] got an email from John Martinez from Costa Mesa showing me how he put the CHAINxCORE brush to use on a t-shirt design. Go John for putting this freebie to good use, and moreso for […]

  4. @ cdamarj –

    Quite the contrary actually. I used the “O” from GLOBE to create the link of my chain. I just removed the logo from inside the middle of it.

  5. wow thanks

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