Out And About – p.2

I also took a bunch of shots a while back that I’ve been meaning to put up forever, but every time I sit down to try and write captions for all of various photos, something inevitably pulls me away… so here’s some cool apparel designs and a bunch of in-store marketing that really intrigued me at the time as I was working on a lot of point-of-sale items.


So a little while back mentioned running around to a number of surf/skate shops in the LA area. Well I brought a camera and collected some images that I think are a little insightful as to how shoes and apparel are being marketed to the consumer… through in-store chachkas the wonders of Point-Of-Purchase marketing! In plain english, that means fancy signs and lights. Oh, and I saw some cool type and illustrations out there that seem worth mentioning.

Cool type from the big boys

Nice use of spot color and ornate embroidery

This is the most phenomenal T-shirt I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t know how many color were used in this screen print, but the shirt is in fact black. Can’t imagine how much these cost to produce, but it only retailed for $25. Only negative comment I have is that with all that plastisol ink, the shirt’s a little crispy. Still something new and different which is geting tougher and tougher to do with t-shirts these days.

Noticed a couple of shirts Troy White had a hand in.

Plus, here’s a buttload of other cool stuff I saw along the way:


~ by tracksix on July 13, 2008.

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  2. Yeah those shirts were cool for the ink but that was the same thing I was thinking about too, I can just imagine the amount of “hand” those shirts would have and then the wear on a black shirt, no doubt there would be major peel after a year. Personally I’d rather see sublimation or chino base used on light shirts for an ultra soft or no “hand” then use sublimation for the dark shirts. It’s a bit more expensive but the devil’s in the details and if thy want to get a premium price they need to have a strong fit and finish. These shirts almost remind me of the old Vuarnet glasses shirts, they also had a lot of colors and were stiff as a board to wear plus they peeled something fierce.

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