Some Recent Critter Activity

I’ve got a critter haven going on here these days. I had a couple of fun pictures on my computer that got taken over the last couple days so I thought I’d share. Above you’ll see Dexter, my very loyal, very stubborn little monster. At the moment he’s sitting by my side trying to let me know that he’s very curious about the guinea pigs behind me by whining and letting out some little barks, which of course is disturbing my fiance and my brother who are trying to watch a movie not 10 feet from here. (We live in a small apartment…) He believes that he’s our guardian and will sit at the back door for an hour or two if he’s allowed and protect us from cats and neighbors who would peer into our yard.

Behind him is Doc who is happy to spend the entire day sleeping unless there’s food or the chance that someone is going to let him lay on their lap and pet him, in which case he can be bothered for a couple of minutes at a time.

Dexter’s got some lopsided balls.

Doc prefers my spot on the bed over all other spots in our apartment and his which is upstairs. He’s kind of a jerk like that. Doc belongs to Schmidty, my buddy that lives upstairs with my brother, but he may as well be mine. Though sometimes he annoys the crap out of me by half-sitting on the couch, and half-standing on my chest and staring at my eyeballs while occasionally trying to lick my face. Now don’t get all up in arms thinking I’m cruel or anything – I fucking love all of these little furballs (…with the exception of the black one in the next picture) but this routine goes on multiple times a day and trust me, the little guy’s not starved for attention. On the other hand watching him run when I take him to the baseball field next to my house and act like a real dog is utterly priceless.

Behind Doc is Casper. Casper is neither white, nor male as the name implies. Casper is Schmidty’s girlfriend’s “dog” who weighs in at about a pound, if that and enjoys quesadillas and all other table scraps. Casper is viewed by Dexter as a squeak-toy that bites back, by Doc as a prissy tramp that sometimes gives it up if she’s in the mood and by humans as an object that’s very easy to trip over.

Aside from the dogs and the guinea pigs we had a couple of unwelcome visitors over the last couple of days – part of the reason that Dexter sees fit to stand guard at the back door. Here’s one that we spent our Sunday morning trapping and figuring out a way of disposing of…

I won’t bother getting into how we actually got rid of him, as the details are probably not for the faint of heart but to summarize it took 3 idiots, this metal trash can, a big effing hunting knife, a cutting board, lysol, a dumpster and a shovel… use your imagination. While our methods may seem crude, I assure you we did everything in our power to dispose of the little guy as humanely as possible..-ish. Which is more than I can say for the one that Dexter tried to play with the night before:

~ by tracksix on July 13, 2008.

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