earthquake - 7/29/08

earthquake - 7/29/08

That was fun. We just had a real shaker over here. Apparently a 5.8 which the USGS describes as a “moderate” quake, however if you were sitting in my seat, staring up at the shaking rafters above you and the handful of dead apple-mice hanging from the rafters swaying back and forth, you might think “moderate” is a bit of an understatement.

The real scary thing is that my fiance works here:
in a 20-something story building in Santa Monica on the 14th floor. It’s the tallest building for miles and I’m sure it was a rockin’ good time up there. She mentioned the whole building swaying back and forth which I imaging isn’t much of an exaggeration. The building I’m sitting in was doing its best Chubby Checker impersonation and this one’s only got two stories.

All in all, I hear that damage is minimal (at least here in LA) and the feeling was more shocking than fear for the most part… that is, unless you were the girl sitting a couple of steps from me and this was your first earthquake. Her expression was slightly more morose..

~ by tracksix on July 29, 2008.

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