July Flew By Or What Do You Get When You Cross Vinyl, Cardboard And Rubber?

I wish I had more to post lately, but I’ve been working on some stuff that’s all super hush, hush. Pretty fun projects all in all. Here’s a small screen grab of a little glimpse of one of them. I’ll show the whole thing once I have full permission, but until then as you can see I’m really playing with color and trying to get back into the mode of enjoying the paying projects I take on.

There’s always something to be learned or a new solution to an old problem or a greater insight into some facet of design that you can take away from even the smallest, mundane projects. I’ve been using .Ai for more years than I care to remember and still I try to push myself to do learn a new way to achieve the same result or an even better one that the way I always do things.

Anyway, coming back from motivational speaker land – I took some shots of a window display I busted out for Globe today. This shop is up in “North Hollywood” which I’m pretty sure is actually the valley, but people get mad if you call it that.

Plotting this whole thing out and preparing all of the necessary files to go to print for a massive display like this is one thing, but when you get out there and have to then assemble the whole thing in 3D space… it’s a whole different ballgame. That’s a vinyl adhesive on the front window, with a cool sideways cut banner behind the glass, some huge cardboard cubes and a bunch of shoes floating in the air. I welcomed the break from the ordinary on-screen or print work I’ve been doing a lot of lately to get out into the real world, build something with my own hands and chat with the shop owners, employees, and customers.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for right now. I have some shots from last weekend at a video shoot that took place in Long Beach that I like to call, “hangin with Lutzka and Lil’ Jon” that I thought would be fun to share. Look for those sometime in the next couple of days. Here’s a sneak peek I’ll leave you with:

… and no, those were not real.


~ by tracksix on August 5, 2008.

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