Transworld Skate & Create

Granted that most of you that are reading this are grounded somewhere in the design world, but I would hope that there are people enough of you out there that have been intereseted in some of the action sports industry-related input I bring to these posts that will take interest in this.

If you ever read Transworld Skate then over the past four or so issues you should have noticed a full page ad with the skate and create logo on a black background with one of four companies logos tiled in the background. The four companies involved in this mega-event are Emerica, DVS, Globe and Osiris, which all got the same warehouse, carpenters, $10,000 budget and 9 days to build anything they can imagine and were given the task of compiling a series of photos and a 3-minute video where the sky is the limit. Everyone stepped up to the challenge and there’s a lot of kick ass footage and photos to show for it.

Enter controversy: Any competition decided by the host or an un-evenly divided panel of judges always stands the chance of coming into question when the final votes are tallied. In this case, some folks flat out believe DVS won the top spot and got the honor to compete against three new competitors next year alongside a full edition of editorial in TW Skate, and yet others including the many skaters out there that watched all of the videos on TW’s site feel like the contest didn’t truly go to the best production.

That’s all I’ll say, and with that, I encourage you to watch some of the best skate videos out there on the web right now. It actually streams pretty damn well too. Give your props to whoever you deem worthy, but help the popular vote out and give props to somebody!


~ by tracksix on August 26, 2008.

One Response to “Transworld Skate & Create”

  1. Thought for 2 seconds you did this logo and ad AS WELL haha, simply love the Globe entry here, especially Duncombe’s manual trick, nothing for me on the rest of them. The Skate & Create logo is pretty good as well, I like it.

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