I may be slowing down a little bit, but not by choice. Haven’t posted anything in quite a while due to the untimely demise of my computer’s hard drive. Had to drop it off at the apple store for them to replace the HD and possibly the logic board! I didn’t lose too much work, which is a good thing. I am however going to be losing most of my address book and email that I didn’t have a chance to back up. 

That being said, hit me with your emails and phone numbers and all that good stuff so I can rebuild my massive e-rolodex and keep in touch with all of you folks. 

I should be getting my mac back within the next couple of days and I’m sincerely hoping that’s the case. I’ve got a bit of work lined up that’s reminiscent of old-times for me. Gonna be cranking out a brand image/logo/label for a new winery and button up one that I worked on a couple of months ago. The most ironic part of that to me is that I don’t enjoy wine in the least. I’m definitely a beer guy. No doubt about that. All the same, looking forward to this new one as it’s an Arizona-based winery, which if youdo know anything about wine you’d know that there aren’t too many wines coming out of Arizona so this is an opportunity to create something out of the ordinary. Plus, all wines are fighting venomously for shelf space these days and stealing people’s attention is the name of the game. I’ll be looking into all sorts of special printing techniques and uncommon bottle shapes and label placements. Hell, who’s to say it’s even a label at all?

More on that in the future. I’ll post an update when I have the ability to share pictures once again.


~ by tracksix on September 22, 2008.

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