Quick Tip – Adding Shortcuts to Finder Windows

Here’s a quick but nonetheless productive workflow task that once you try, you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing about it sooner.

Did you know you can drag a file’s icon to it’s alias in the dock to open it in that application? Here’s an even awesomer way to quickly open that .AI doc. Using Leopard’s “Customize Toolbar” command, you can add any type of shortcut to the top of each Finder window including your favorite Creative Suite apps. 

To access the Customize Toolbar menu, ctrl+click (or right click) atop any finder window. To add shortcuts that do not appear in the window, just drag that application or folder’s icon into the highlighted area of the Toolbar. Of course you can add all sorts of other shortcuts and organize them into groups with spaces and separators, if you’re all OCD like me anyway.

Then you can just drag and drop your files directly onto the program icons at the top of the window they reside in. It also makes it easier to open files in programs that they didn’t originate in – like opening a .TIFF directly in Illustrator for Live-Tracing.

Just a quicky that I really enjoy using that may make your workflow a couple clicks speedier.


~ by tracksix on September 23, 2008.

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