Giant SF

Saturday night, found myself in SF, showing my buddy who got married on Sunday a good time. Hit up a couple of rad bars including a bike messenger bar called Zeitgeist. If you’re from up that way I highly recommend spending some of your hard earned money there. Note: you get your burger a lot faster if you tip the cook!

At the end of the night we wound up at a strip club that happened to be across the street from White Walls SF, where Mike Giant happened to be showing. Stumbled in to take these pics with my iphone.

The graffiti was from somewhere between 12th street BART and Zeitgeist.


~ by tracksix on October 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Giant SF”

  1. Zeitgeist! Did you stick around for the tamale lady? Their bloody marys are pretty top notch, too.

  2. Hey track, how was the opening, I was gonna head up there but I went by the gallery last week and didnt see anything up on the left side, so I thought it was put off a bit, that’s what I get for not driving back around and actually going in to investigate. Anyways I’ll have to make a trip down there and catch the opening. I’ll also be sure to check out the restaurant. Also sounds like you went to New Century. Be careful on Larkin it can be a real dive at night, especially at that alley next to whitewall. Anyways glad to hear you enjoyed your stay. There’s definitely some sweet art to see and inspire in SF if you get a chance you should add some of your own to the mix.

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