New Stickers

Dropped a couple of pieces on Globe for use in stickers/apparel recently. I’ve been starting off a lot more projects by hand lately. It’s a process that helps keep my mind open to new thoughts and ideas, whereas starting projects directly in Illustrator or Photoshop limit my creativity to the confines of the program.

I’ll say though, I find that I often enjoy my results by sketching something out by hand and then instead of restroking it with a sharpie and using it as a raster image or scanning it and then live-tracing it, I’ll scan in my sketch and then draw over it using Illustrator’s Pencil tool, creating smooth vectors that have a rough feeling to them. The blindfolded skull above is a perfect example of that process.

Surf or Skate?

(This one’s a comp – I’ll have to go back and re-illustrate the skull if they buy off on it)


~ by tracksix on October 29, 2008.

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