Back In Black – Spreading The Word

Thought I’d take the opportunity to spread the word about the t-shirt exhibit Hydro74 & PaleHorse have going on in Florida toward the end of the month. These guys have rounded up some of the most badass t-shirt designers out there right now to all contribute one-off designs for that will be custom screened for folks at the show.

I think I’m loving Godmachine’s design the most:

Coincidentally, that design also took home a tee of the day medal over at

That’s all for now. If you dig any of the shirt designs you can pre-order them online at the Back In Black Store.


~ by tracksix on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “Back In Black – Spreading The Word”

  1. Man I wanted to get to this show badly but just didn’t have the time or funds and I thought the shirts were exclusive to the show itself ( I thought they were printed on site at the event) so thanks for the link to the site, I think I’ll try to pick a few of these up. Hopefully they do this again in the future. This would actually be a great idea for Magic.

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