Out And About – p.3

I forgot to post these photos from a couple weeks ago when I was out at some of the local shops. Saw some cool techniques and use of some bright-ass colors that I remember being super-in back in the old Ultimate Warrior days. I think the all-over print and embroidery of the quiksilver hat is especially cool, though I don’t care for the graphics as much.

Oh and the last two shots are from a Face to Face show at the House of Blues in Hollywood and a No on Prop 8 installation from that same night.


~ by tracksix on December 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Out And About – p.3”

  1. Hey thanks for the updates, I haven’t had the chance to find too much interesting pieces lately, though I did find a few pieces at the upper playground in SF. There was a great show down there by Jeremy Fisher called “Ghosts of the Barbary coast” Great colors and use of mixed media plus some wooden sculptures. I think you’d dig em. I don’t know if I’m digging the retro vans checkered look by quicksilver either, plus the only trucker hats I’ve seen that look any good are those half trucker hats by Flexfit, they seem to have a good fit and the style is a bit more refined. None of that bunching at the top of the hat like other models.

  2. Just picked up Fish’s book, “Once Upon A Time” not too long ago. The guy just kills it! You have to wonder what the inside of his brain looks like..

    Dead on with the Flex Fit trucker hats for sure. Globe ran a couple not too long ago and they’re definitely my favorite of the bunch. And coming from a guy that wears hats 24/7 that’s not a terrible endorsement.

  3. I’ll have to keep an eye out for globes stuff, not sure where to find it up north but I’ll definitely keep a look out in the future. Have you been by the Letterhead Font site lately? I just checked them out and it looks like chuck has some new stuff coming around the corner, looks like I’ll be having to spend some major coin in the new year. And I can’t wait to pick up that book from Fisher myself. I was going to get it on Sat. but we were going to see the Briggs later that night and I didn’t want to leave anything of value that I might miss in the car.

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