Corpo Reality Check


I sometimes consider the decision I made nearly two years ago to leave the ad agency biz and dize into the world of freelance and action sports. Every once in a while I get a reminder as to why I’m so much happier doing what I’m doing now than when I was desiging for companies I feel nothing for. A recent dip back into the corporate realm sent just such a reminder my way.

Above you’ll notice a couple of the many logo marks I developed for a law (defense) firm. This was a design-by-committee project, so the client took the designs I came up with and forwarded them on to a group that decides which, if any of the logos they like.


We did some back and forth and after a couple of rounds and my unwillingness to pursue them, they didn’t feel strongly enough about any of the designs to go ahead and replace their current logo.


Client's Current Logo

Though, it can be frustrating not to see a design project through to fruition, I got the chance to work on a new style of lettering which I turned out to like the results of,

The Process of Custom Lettering

The Process of Custom Lettering

And I was reminded why I always require a 50% up front deposit, and why I love working for the surf and skate industry!


~ by tracksix on March 1, 2009.

One Response to “Corpo Reality Check”

  1. I feel the same way you do about corporate Fuks. Good stuff though.

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