Tranworld Skate Awards

Transworld Skate’s 11th annual SKATEboarding awards are tomorrow (fri. 6/11) in Hollywood and one of Globe’s most active veterans, Matt Mumford,  has been nominated for “Best Transition” [skater of the year]. In his honor we thought it would be a cool idea to do some real grassroots kinda promo.. and why not? Everyone loves getting off the computer and getting their hands dirty every so often. Well, at least I do.

First up, on a super last-minute kick we got a shit-ton of balloons cranked out which of course needed artwork, hence one-color Mumford portrait above. Here’s how that went down.

classic Mumford photo steez

classic Mumford photo steez

1. Found this classic straight-on shot of Mums to use as the basis for the illustration.


2. It’s easier to figure out how you’re gonna make it happen on paper before gettin onto the computer. Like they always say, the computer’s a tool, get yer shit down first before commiting it to vector. As you can see I had some trouble trying to figure out what to do around his jaw line.. had to work that out in my head and on some scratch paper before getting busy with illustrator. But, as this was a rush rush kinda gig, didn’t have too much time to waste stressing on it.


3. Finish illustration in vector, get rid of any extraneous color, paths, etc. Deliver artwork to vendor for quick turnaround, get sample, take shitty iPhone picture on otherwise awesome green couch. Real happy they decided to go with white print on black balloons even though the ink got choked a bit.

Next up on the to-do hit list was some straight-up D-I-Y t-shirts for some of the guys to rock to tomorrow’s award show.

Got a stack of blanks this morning and with seriously little time and no budget, I got about 25 shirts knocked out with only 2 stencils and a king can of black spray paint. You heard me say, DIY, right!?

stenciled t-shirts

more stenciled tees

.. surf team poster made for a pretty good stencil. Got super wet, but never blew out.

all the mumford shirts

.. all the shirts laying out to dry. Drying racks?? Psshah.. when you gotta get it done, sometimes you just gotta get it done dirty. Each one’s done a little different.

On the off chance you’re attending tomorrow evening, lookfor the dude whose shirt with the sleeves ripped off says, “kil kil kill” on the back and come say what’s up.



~ by tracksix on June 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tranworld Skate Awards”

  1. What I want to know is do I get one of those t’s? I want to bedazzle the shit out of one of those jems

  2. this is a captivating blog. I can\’t wait to your next story!!

  3. Nice balloons kid, nice balloons

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