Stoke Tee


Thought I’d share with ya a tee that I just sent over to Stoke Int. Met Chad at Surf Expo two years ago and we’ve been in contact ever since. He’s a rad dude who I’m told is actually appearing in a Target commercial that plays on-screen at some LA theatres before movies?? Between running an apparel company, acting and whatever else he’s up to I don’t know how he even finds the time to call my ass to find out where his art’s at!?


Did I mention I’m on a huge black and green kick these days? That used to be my favorite color combo when I was just starting out in the design biz. Used to have a black/grey/green logo that got ditched along the way in favor of my next favorite color scheme – black and orange. Above is the same tee in GIANTS colorway.

I always try to provide my t-shirt art clients with a tech-pak to show how I’m envisioning the art printed on a shirt, along with color options if they request. It’s a good habit to be into, so there’s no confusion between you, the client and the printer. Takes longer up-front, but your clients and their printers will truly appreciate it and it may even get you accolades or a recommendation in the future. Here’s quick shot at how my tech-paks usually look:


There’s no such thing as too much info on these. If your client gets a design from you they’re stoked on and a happy printer because you’re art is clean and spelled out, you’ve done a decent job. Time to move on to the next one.

~ by tracksix on August 5, 2009.

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  1. Love to see your tech-pak template as a download someday. Thanks for the great insight.

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