.about me.

My name is Dave Gitlin. I’m a graphic designer, an illustrator, an art director and so on. I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that may not be for too long.

You’ll notice 4 types of work that I’ll be posting here – agency work which usually has a pretty corporate feel to it, freelance design work that’s always more enjoyable and much more my style, and new projects for Calibrated Wakesurfing which is a company that I’m deeply invested in, and lastly stock illustration that is sold over at View My Portfolio.

If you didn’t get here from my website, you can head over to www.track6designs.com to see a lot more examples of my work. I’m always available for freelance work and to some extent to answer any questions or chat about all things graphic. Go ahead and send me an email using the upper form just below. You can use the lower one to leave comments here on this page if you so desire.

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  1. OMG… Your works really awesome, greeaattt job! 1more thing, congrats on your engagement. Nice day!

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