The DIY Longboard

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There’s a lot of really great… well… a couple of really decent longboards out there on the market right now. Trouble is, unless you live by a beach or college town, you’re local skate/surf shop probably doesn’t carry too many, if any. We all could use a cruiser to get us from A to B at times, especially when you don’t wanna push all that hard – like say on your way to and from the liquor store. So here’s the deal, I’m saying if you can’t find one you’re down with in your area and/or don’t wanna spend a bunch of money buying one online and having it shipped, I suggest doing a little customization to make something unique that you’re gonna dig because it’s your own personal flavor and you’ll have poured some sweat equity into it.

You’re gonna need a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip and hardware, and maybe riser pads depending on wheel clearance. When it comes to your wood, it’s all about what shape you’re into and what you can find laying around or on the cheap. I had this swalllow-tail deck laying around for a while – ot’s nothing super special and was previsouly screen printed on for a promo. For a cruiser, the quality of the wood isn’t terribly dire – you’re probably not gonna be ollying it unless it’s a real shortie and even then, so what. Truck and wheel combos are fully up to you as well, just all has to work together. Wheel-bite sucks.

On to customizing. I started out by giving mine a flat coat of black as a base.


Took a little while to figure out what I wanted my art to be and after mentally running the gamut between everything from super basic to overly detailed and hand-done I decided on some real clean, simple but bold stripes. I’ve been on a black and bright-ass green kick so that’s the color combo. It’s easy to do stripes, all you need is two colors of spray paint and some masking tape.


After a couple black coats dried (for a day or so..) it’s set for a second color. Just drop some tape lines on there and spray away. The areas in between tape lines got smaller for me as I went up the board.


You can pull the tape while the paint is still drying – sometimes you get cleaner lines that way. The green I used is called Green Apple from Montana. They have some blazing colors. Dries retardedly fast too. Was able to do 3 coats in under an hour.

To match up with the black and green stripes on the board I liked the idea of green wheels with black stripes.


I had some blank green 63mm wheels laying around, so with a standard Sharpie I added my black stripes. The ink dries almost immediately. Though, drawing straight lines on a curved surface proves to be more challenging than it seems.


After everything’s dry it’s time to slug it all together. The inverted trucks you see on these are OEM by “SLANT”. They’re loose as f*ck and in my opinion are pretty rad. I know by way of word that they’re gonna be sold in pairs by Globe in the near future, so keep an eye out if you think you’ll be into ’em. Hardware was donated by Nano from Speed Demons, Thanks Nano!


For grip I’m trying out some EVA samples that I can use with shoes or barefoot if I’m down on the Strand, pushing from bar to bar on the weekend. The soft EVA cuts like butter with an Exacto knife.

That’s it. Not a terribly difficult project, most of the stuff you can source from used boards or throw a couple bucks at here and there. So there you have it, a custom longboard that you can be proud of, using recycled parts and done cheap. Now off to the beach for a beer..


Published – BLOGS: Mad About Design

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The other day I got a small, heavy pachage in the mail. I pulled out this book and remembered that about a year ago I got hit up to be included in this book about design blogs. I opened it up and found the little write-up on this here blog on about the 6th page. Pretty sweet placement!


Thank you, Macarena for including me. Let’s see if any new eyeballs come and have a look..

Tranworld Skate Awards

•June 11, 2009 • 3 Comments

Transworld Skate’s 11th annual SKATEboarding awards are tomorrow (fri. 6/11) in Hollywood and one of Globe’s most active veterans, Matt Mumford,  has been nominated for “Best Transition” [skater of the year]. In his honor we thought it would be a cool idea to do some real grassroots kinda promo.. and why not? Everyone loves getting off the computer and getting their hands dirty every so often. Well, at least I do.

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GLOBE Cruiserboards

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So what have I been up to that’s been keeping me so quiet lately? Well, one project that’s consumed the vast majority of my time has been the next Globe skateboard range. The image above is a little sneak of a board that was a last-minute addition and turned out to be one of my favorites in the line.
Wish I could show more, but leak all of that hard work too soon and potentially get bitten off. Not that they’re magic or anything, but a step in the right direction from last year’s line and the line before that.

**FREEBIE** – T-Shirt Presentation Template

•May 18, 2009 • 12 Comments


Over the years I’ve used this t-shirt template to mock up concepts, to pitch clients and even to display tees from a future line in catalogs. I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it and now I only see fit to pass it on to others.

You might say, but GoMedia’s already provided designers with awesome t-shirt templates. Why would we want yours instead? Well, although they have multiple shirts and fronts and backs and yada yada yada.. this one’s completely FREE. All the paths are there. Changing colors is easy. Rerofitting the type and background to mesh with your t-shirt project is no sweat.

T-Shirt Presentation Template Layers

T-Shirt Presentation Template Layers


Like all good things on the internet worth paying for.. someone eventually comes along and bastardizes them and then gives it out for free. So all apologies to any other folks out there selling a similar item. I believe in a design community where people share and share alike. I think it’ll make us all better designers in the end. Though with that being said, if you need other garments or require more vivid lighting I do suggest you look into the GoMedia templates. For what you’ll get out of em the price isn’t bad.


I implore you to give this template a download and use it for any project that fits yer fancy. I ask nothing in return. If you need help figuring out how to use this, I suggest reading up you have a look here – though it’s my opinion that after playing around with it for just a couple minutes you’ll probably get it figured out. With that I wish you happy Photoshopping.

DOWNLOAD the Track6 T-Shirt Presentation Template by clicking HERE. (46mb)

Bill 874 – REMOVE PAD LAWS in CA Skateparks!

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Sick of having to strap on ridiculous clown-gear to roll at your local park and avoid tickets? Let’s get pad laws out of our skateparks dammit!
boogie 59 year old skater

The following email (after the jump) came from John Bernards, the Executive Director of The International Association of Skateboard Companies. If you agree, do something about it. Send a letter. Re-post this shit on your own blog or email it out to whoever will listen. Let’s take some action.

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Some Slightly Uneek Type

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Helped out a fellow designer with some styled out text for a quick project over the weekend. Nothing mind-blowing or incredibly different, but fit to share I think, nonetheless. If you like, have a look at uneekGrafix’s stuff here.