East Coast Ink

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Dropped this eagle tee on East Coast Ink. It’s take on the traditional sailor’s bald eagle tattoo with one reversed wing, though I’ve given it more of a neo-traditional flare.


The Moistketeers

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What’s the most disgusting word in the english dictionary? Well, many, including me, would agree that there’s something about the word, “moist” that just sends gross feelings creeping up your spine..  So that was the feeling of the crew from Pennsylvania that rang me lookin for a musketeer sorta graphic that they could be proud of. I know.. Musketeers are french, which instantaneously makes them uncool and pretty faggy, but no one said that uncool and/or faggy was a direction to avoid on this little jobby, so we’re good. In fact the most inspiring direct quote from the client was in fact this; “I’m hoping your mental imagery of a musketeer is somewhat as badass as Chuck Norris kicking the shit out of Kanye West..” Sir, I don’t know if such great heights can be achieved from behind a computer screen, but I should hope that you think I’ve made every effort to try.


The fun part about this illustration for me was breaking out of the rut I’ve sorta been in and trying a totally new approach. While it took me way longer to finish this than it should have, I feel like I stepped up my raster art game a couple times over. Freehandin’ it with the Wacom overall was kinda fun, though rather frustrating at times… could be because I dug up the old 4×6 baby tablet I discarded long ago. It’s definitely got me considering a new one if I can ever afford it.

Stoke Tee

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Thought I’d share with ya a tee that I just sent over to Stoke Int. Met Chad at Surf Expo two years ago and we’ve been in contact ever since. He’s a rad dude who I’m told is actually appearing in a Target commercial that plays on-screen at some LA theatres before movies?? Between running an apparel company, acting and whatever else he’s up to I don’t know how he even finds the time to call my ass to find out where his art’s at!?


Did I mention I’m on a huge black and green kick these days? That used to be my favorite color combo when I was just starting out in the design biz. Used to have a black/grey/green logo that got ditched along the way in favor of my next favorite color scheme – black and orange. Above is the same tee in GIANTS colorway.

I always try to provide my t-shirt art clients with a tech-pak to show how I’m envisioning the art printed on a shirt, along with color options if they request. It’s a good habit to be into, so there’s no confusion between you, the client and the printer. Takes longer up-front, but your clients and their printers will truly appreciate it and it may even get you accolades or a recommendation in the future. Here’s quick shot at how my tech-paks usually look:


There’s no such thing as too much info on these. If your client gets a design from you they’re stoked on and a happy printer because you’re art is clean and spelled out, you’ve done a decent job. Time to move on to the next one.

GLOBE Cruisers – Production Is Done

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globe_cruiser range

The GLOBE range is finally done! You’re getting an advanced preview of the line from inside the Dwindle Distribution showroom. Sssshhhh… don’t tell anyone..

And now for another hush hush… not saying any more.




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Did a bunch of DIY promos for Globe at the Transworld Skate Awards last month. Just getting around to putting up pics now..

I mentioned all of this on twitter I think, but here’s the recap of what got churned out (quickly) for the event.


IMG_0365 Found this shot of Matt Mumford to begin illustrating off of. He was nominated for “Best Transition” skater of the year by Transworld Skate, so we honored him by littering Hollywood and Vine with black balloons with his face on em.


Here’s how the sketch based on that photo came out.


And here it is on the balloon.


In context. iPhone cameras suck at night.

DIY T-shirts


The day before the award show I got a box of white t-shirts and went at em with spray paint and some stencils.


I had to add a little something to mine.


Stoked Again

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Stoke Int. has hit me up for another piece, which I’m starting to work on. That reminded me that I had this pic from the last package they sent me with one of the shirts I did up for them. The next one’s gonna be nuthin like it!


That also reminded me that I wanted to post up this little Dunny that the homie Kevin C. dropped off days ago. Thanks again, Kevin!


Effin love cheeseburgers – but who doesn’t?